Wood Plastic Foam Plates (profile) Production Line

Wood Plastic Foam Plates (profile) Production Line
Product Details


Specially designed screw barrels, molds and extruders produce wood-plastic products processing and production processes. The extruder is directly extruded by single-twisting. After two-step granulation, it can also be extruded. It saves energy, saves space, has high output, and has stable extrusion pressure. The main machine feeder is placed at the top, and most of the wood powder is left first. In the remaining water, to enrich the host feeding part; plastic composite effect is good. Optimized to use the screw design, the cutting amount is small, and the easy-to-cut wood fiber material can be evenly left on the machine. The screw barrel is made of bimetal, which is wear-resistant and has a prolonged service life. The production line can produce PE, PP or PVC wood-plastic profiles, mainly used for pallets, boxboards, flooring, outdoor decorative materials, and is widely used.

Basic Info.

Plastic Processed:PVC

Product Type:Profile Extrusion Molding Machine

Feeding Mode:Multiple Feed

Assembly Structure:Integral Type Extruder




Wood-plastic hollow slab (profile) production line: It can be used for continuous production of wood-plastic hollow slabs and profiles, such as indoor and outdoor floors, fences, warehouse boards, outdoor decorative materials, window profiles, gussets, window sills, side panels, etc. The production line has such characteristics as corrosion resistance and wear resistance, high capacity and energy saving.

Wood plastic foam board (profile) production line: can be used for continuous production of wood plastic foam board and profiles, such as pallets, packaging boards, door and window frames, decorative flooring, outdoor materials, etc.