PVC Wood Plastic WPC Profile Extruder Production Extrusion Machine

PVC Wood Plastic WPC Profile Extruder Production Extrusion Machine
Product Details

Machine's Introduction: 
The line uses raw plastic material or recycled plastics (PVC, PE, PP) and wood fiber (wood powder and other plant fiber such as rice bran, straw, etc.) as the main raw material (the two accounted for more than 90%) the production of an industrial - wood plastic composites (WPC).
Suitable material: PE, PP + wood powder, PVC + wood powder
Applicable for producing salver, packaging box board and decorative sheets, etc.
Process Flows: 
Plant fiber (20-40 mesh) + recycled plastic(PE/PP/PVC) + additives
high speed heating mixer --WPC granule extrusion line --PE WPC profile production line-- finished productsanding/brushing/embossing surface treatment crusher for recycle

Compulsory devices
1ZJF-700 Automatic Spring Feeding Machine1 set
2SJSZ -65/132 Conical Twin Screw Extruder1 set
3Profile Die Heads/MouldsCustomized
4ZDY-6000Vacuum Calibration Table1 set
5QYY-240 hauling off machine1 set
6QGY-240 Plastic saw cutting machine1 set
7SFL-6000 Stacker1 set

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