PVC Wood Plastic Board Extrusion Making Machine (SJSZ80X156)

PVC Wood Plastic Board Extrusion Making Machine (SJSZ80X156)
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PVC Wood Plastic Board Extrusion Making Machine (SJSZ80X156) 

Our PVC Wood Plastic Board Extruder Machine uses specially designed conical twin screw extruder to make high quality final products. PVC Wood Plastic Board Extruder Machine uses PVC, wood powder/plant fiber and auxiliary chemicals to produce composite solid board, which is used for interior decoration, furniture, etc.

Raw Materials Feeding _ Plasticizing & Extruding _ Shaping by Mould _ Vacuum Calibrating _ Hauling-off _ Cutting _ Stacking

Basic Info

  • Model NO.: SJ65/132

  • Board Layers: Single Plate

  • Automation: Automatic

  • Condition: New

  • Button: Schneider

  • Inverter: ABB

  • Warranty: 12monthes

  • Extruder Type: Single Screw Extruder

  • Operator: 2-4

  • Product Type: PVC Board

  • Screw No.: Double-screw

  • Material: Stainless Steel

  • Intelligent Temperature Controller: Omron

  • Raw Material: PVC Powder

    Max. Width of Product(mm)8001250
    Extruder modelSJSZ80/156SJSZ92/188
    Max. Extrusion Capacity(kg/h)360600
    Extruder Power(kw)55132
    Cooling Water(M3/h)1318
    Compressed Air(M3/min)0.61


The PVC wood-plastic extrusion line collects the advantages of wood and plastic. It not only has the appearance of natural wood, but also overcomes the shortcomings of wood, has good processing properties, similar to wood, can be sawed and nailed. It can be done with woodworking tools. Its fixing force is significantly stronger than ordinary wood materials. It has physical properties such as compression resistance, impact resistance, etc., similar to hardwood. Its durability is significantly better than ordinary wood. Wood plastic and its products can withstand strong acid, alkali, water and corrosion, and bacteria can not breed. It is not a worm, it can resist aging and antistatic.