PVC Board Extrusion Machinery

PVC Board Extrusion Machinery
Product Details

1. General description

1. Our PVC sheet extrusion machine adopts imported AC frequency converter driving. The temperature control meters adopt Japan RKC product. The ancillary machine vacuum pump and drawing motor adopt high-quality products. 

2. The maintenance is simple. After the screw stem cylinder and mould are exchanged, it can straight extrude imitating wood foamed special material. The result is better than the single screw stem extruder.

3. The sheet extruding production line adopts special-designed screw stem, material cylinder, moulds and processing technology. It is equipped with YF model shaped material ancillary to produce PVC products


The PVC rigid sheet is widely used as the packaging material in hardware & tools, electron, food, medicine and handcrafts articles, and various kinds of slap-up pressing.  PVC soft board is widely used as the plastic carpet for cars, corridor curtains, table plate, equipment, cases, hardware pad, internal and external decorations.

2. Display of our PVC rigid sheet extrusion line

3. Finished products



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