PPR PE Plastic Pipe Extrusion Making Machine

PPR PE Plastic Pipe Extrusion Making Machine
Product Details

Process Flow:
Raw material+master batches → Mixing → vacuum feeding → material dryness → single screw extruder →color string extruder → spiral mould → calibrator → spray vacuum calibration tank → spray cooling water tank →spray-code printer → belt haul-off → no-dust cutter → pipe rack → finished product inspecting &packing

Basic Info

  • Model NO.: SJ-65 (20-63mm)

  • Automation: Automatic

  • Product Type: PPR Pipe

  • Computerized: Computerized

  • Diameter: 20-63mm

Product Description

Equipment with:
1) SJ-65/33PPR materials special extruder
2) Model GM63 Extrusion mould die
3) SJ-30/25 stripe line extruder
4) SZDX-6000 vacuum sizing tank
5) SPX-6000 spraying and cooling water tank
6) SLQ-63 two-pedrails style puller
7) TG-63 cutter
8) SFZ-6000 stacker
9) Auto loader and hopper drier
10) Control cabinet

11) Spare parts


1. Extruder: High-efficiency five-stage screw ensures rapid plasticization and dispersion and high-speed production.

2. Die: Double-tube extrusion die is made of imported CNC machine tool and equipped with pressure balance distribution device to ensure precise control of double extrusion pipe under any conditions.

3. Vacuum calibration cooling tank, tractor, cutter: Double tube structure is dedicated to vacuum calibration tank, tractor and cutting machine, beautiful appearance, scientific design, convenient operation and control.