Plastic Waste Bottle Recycling Machine

Plastic Waste Bottle Recycling Machine
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Product description:
Our product has the functions of washing, crushing and extruding simultaneously. In addition, we keep its old features including high automatic operation, durable use and easy control mode.

Based on expertise technique. Our designs and manufacture of the extrusion-pelletizing line are totally subject to the need of customer and operator.



90 ~ 150 kgs / hr

180 ~ 300 kgs / hr

250 ~ 500 kgs / hr

350 ~ 600 kgs / hr


Ø 75 mm

Ø 90 mm

Ø 105 mm

Ø 120 mm

*Available for: PP, PE, PA, PC, PS, EPS, ABS.

*Suitable for: Blown film, woven bags, bottles, sheet, lumps, powder, etc.
*Especially for fluffy material.

Product show:


Finished products:

The components of product:

1.Patented force feeding system 

2.Control box 

3.Main extruder 

4.Temperature control system 

Product advantages:

Low power consumption, high capacity and easy-operation, and allows customers to produce high quality recycled pellets.