3 Layers Pert Solar Thermal Insulation Plastic HDPE Silicon Pipe Tube Extrusion Line

3 Layers Pert Solar Thermal Insulation Plastic HDPE Silicon Pipe Tube Extrusion Line
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Product Description:
This PE foam tube/rod extrusion machine can produce PE foam tube/pipe/rod/stick, which is a kind of new type foaming material and widely used as the solar thermal insulation pipe, air conditioner tube sheath, pool noodle, toy guardrail, etc due to its good foaming, elasticity and heat preservation character.

Developed with advanced European technology. Nice out-look with new structure, automatic and running continually. Outer layer is HDPE. Core layer is mixture of HDPE and silicon. Therere three extruders for co-extrusion. Therere vacuum calibration, spray cooling, pulling, length cutting or winding.
· Imported converter and temperature
· Groove barrel and novel screw
· Water level and temperature automatic control
· Powerful cooling and fast pulling speed
· Automatic length cutting or double-station coiler
Equipment photos:

Not only can Our equipment make pe foam pipe/rod, but also can make some other shape like furniture edage packing material,U shape etc.
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1. Screw apply special design of mixing and plasticization funtion;
2. Coat hanger type die withtwo throttle design enalble to regulate the sheet thickness accurately;
3.Sheet thicknes shall be regulated by screw and pressing roller;
4. Separete roller temperature control system can make even sheet thickness
5. Winder withbig torque motor, regulate its speed and tension force;
6. Automatic metering device can pre-set the length of product.