Agricultural Waste Film Recycling

Agricultural film consists mainly of PE. Banana film, plastic mulch, and greenhouse film belong to agricultural film. AG film fulfills the function of boosting seed germination and bud growth. There are several steps to do AG film recycling. First of all, a large amount of AG waste films are shredded through plastic shredder. Then, use floating tank to rinse the plastic film scraps. And with friction washer, it successfully takes away the dust on the film scraps. Furthermore, to make the AG waste film become reusable, applying the film scraps into plastic squeeze dryer is the key procedure. Employing Genius’ plastic squeezer can dehydrate the waste film to a great extent. The film humidity is in relation to the final quality of plastic pellets. Consequently, using plastic squeeze dryer further improves and refines extruding production efficiency.

The recycled pellets can be used to produce agricultural film, chemical fertilizer bag, garbage bag, recycled pipes, plastic barrel and pot for agricultural purpose.

Raw Material

Finished Products