FRP Water Supply Pipes Production Line from China Manufacturer

FRP Water Supply Pipes Production Line from China Manufacturer
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FRP Water Supply Pipes Production Line is mainly used to manufacture PVC pipes of various diameters and wall thicknesses, such as agricultural and construction pipes, cable laying, etc. The kit consists of a conical twin-screw extruder, a vacuum cooling tank, a sheller, a cutter, a stacker or a flaring machine.


Control system, moulds, heating devices, loading-material device, revolution device, glass fiber shelf, on-line cutting device, driving device, sand inclusion system (wet method) and on-line pipe unloading device.


The basic principle of the production line is the mould shaft turning at a certain speed by driving device, and steel belt winding around the mould shaft and turning together, then making processed raw materials wind steel belt and go forward with it, through heating and solidifying, pipe formed and cut off by your needs. In the end, steel belt is turning back and recycling.


1. Has a high degree of international automation. It can save about 40% of the cost of workers.

2. Fast production speed and easy operation. It can increase production efficiency by 50%.

3. Adopt advanced production technology - four dimensions. Raw material costs are reduced by 30% compared to traditional production processes.

4. The extruder and the tractor adopt imported AC frequency conversion control device, and the vacuum pump and traction motor adopt high quality products.

5. Different specifications of the trip machine.

6. Additional length measuring device and thickness increasing device.


1. Drinking water transportation
2. Sewer transportation
3. Sea water transportation
4. Gas transportation
5. Chemical transportation
6. Oil transportation
7. Thermal spring water transportation
8. Steam transportation

9. Irrigation transportation


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