FRP/GRP Pipe Production Line from China Manufacturer

FRP/GRP Pipe Production Line from China Manufacturer
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The pipe production line is the assembly line for pipe production. The main configuration includes: automatic feeding machine, single/double screw extruder, extrusion die, vacuum sizing spray box, tractor, cutting machine, stacking rack and so on. The pipe mandrel is a component of the inner surface of the formed pipe, and its structure is shown in Figure 5-6. The mandrel is fixed by threading and shunting to ensure that the mandrel is concentric with the shunt. The core mold shrinkage angle β is smaller than the splitter expansion angle α, and the β angle decreases as the melt dryness increases, and the hard tube generally has β10-30°.


High production efficiency
Steady quality
High automation degree
Low labor intensity
Low die costs
Sanitary and environmental-protection


The basic principle of the production line is the mould shaft turning at a certain speed by driving device, and steel belt winding around the mould shaft and turning together, then making processed raw materials wind steel belt and go forward with it, through heating and solidifying, pipe formed and cut off by your needs. In the end, steel belt is turning back and recycling.


1. Residential use: cold, hot water and heating for residential and villas.

2. Public buildings: water supply and floor radiant heating for public buildings such as office buildings, markets, theaters, and military camps.

3. Transportation facilities: piping for airports, passenger stations, parking lots, garages, and highways.

4. Animal and plant use: piping in zoos, botanical gardens, greenhouses, and chicken farms.

5. Sports facilities: cold and hot water pipes in swimming pools and saunas.

6. Hygienic use: piping for water supply pipes and hot water pipes.

7. Other: Industrial water pipes.

This equipment can produce various kinds of pipes, such as:

1. Polyester technique pipe
2. Polyester sand inclusion pipe
3. Epoxy pressure pipe
4. UP/epoxy composite pipe
5. Epoxy (UP)/PVC composite pipe
6. Epoxy/UP wear resistant pipe
7. Stainless steel/epoxy/UP composite pipe