Plastic Corrugated Roofing Sheet Extrusion Production Line

Plastic Corrugated Roofing Sheet Extrusion Production Line
Product Details


The PVC roofing/glazed tile line is a combination of a conical twin screw and a single screw extruder.

Specially designed screws and molds provide more stable extrusion performance and better plasticizing performance.

The auxiliary machine series includes forming machines, automatic cutting machines, racks, tractors, etc.

The extruder can be an efficient production line by connecting the auxiliary unit through the mold to continuously produce PVC plastic glazed tiles.

Products are widely used in architectural decoration requirements and corridors in public places. They have excellent corrosion resistance, tough texture, high strength, good insulation performance and environmental protection.


The extrusion line/machine is consisted by following parts:


2)T-die and shaping downstream units,
Which can continuous extruding synthetic resin tile, single layer PVC glazed tile, PVC/PMMA and PVC/ASA composite multi-layer glazed tile.
GlazedTile extrusion line/machien is mechanotronics, with the advantages of:
1)high production efficiency;
2)reasonable structure compact;
3)convenient operation and maintenance
4) long use life etc.
Compare with ordinary plastic tile, glazed tile has more beautiful appearance, better quality, strong durability
And some special features, such as anti-fire, anti-corrosion, anti-freeze, good weather resistance and color retention, etc.

Basic Info.

Model NO.:SJSZ 80/156

Product Type:PVC Board

Board Layers:Multilayer



Certification:CE, SGS, ISO9001:2008

Package:Machine Covered by PE Film; Mould in Wooden Case

Specification:As per customer's request


Origin:Qingdao City, Shandong Province, China

Usage:Bamboo Type (UPVC and Asa or PMMA Composite Roof )

Roof Tile Width:880mm

Roof Tile Thickness:3-4mm


Center Height:1000mm

Line Speed:0.3-2m/Min

Daily Output:1000m2/24hrs

Water Consumption:~3t/H

Compressed Air:0.3m3/Min, >0.5mpa

Total Power:157kw

HS Code:84772090

Production Capacity:100sets/Year

Competitive advantage

Our PVC roof tile production line is equipped with a hanger flat die and a pneumatic forming die. The line has a more stable molding process and makes it easier to adjust the thickness control. A smoother traction is provided using a rubber draw roll that matches the plate's waveform. Its automatic angle cutter ensures a clean cut. It can be cut by gauge length. VC and ASA or PMMA composite roofing tile production lines include conical twin-screw extruder SJZ80 / 156, single screw co-extruder, extrusion tool, calender, main tile and ridge tile forming machine , transport - shut, cutter, stacker; twin screw extruder is a highly efficient compounding extruder. The shearing rate is small, it is not easy to decompose, the plasticizing compound is uniform, the production efficiency is high, the quality is good, the self-cleaning property is good, and the service life is long.


The line is widely used in the garden-style factory, tourist scenic spots, pavilions, hotels, family building, etc.
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