Agricultural Waste Film Recycling Machine Line

Agricultural Waste Film Recycling Machine Line
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Agricultural film consists mainly of PE. Banana film, plastic mulch, and greenhouse film belong to agricultural film. AG film fulfills the function of boosting seed germination and bud growth. There are several steps to do AG film recycling. First of all, a large amount of AG waste films are shredded through plastic shredder. Then, use floating tank to rinse the plastic film scraps. And with friction washer, it successfully takes away the dust on the film scraps. Furthermore, to make the AG waste film become reusable, applying the film scraps into plastic squeeze dryer is the key procedure. Employing Genius' plastic squeezer can dehydrate the waste film to a great extent. The film humidity is in relation to the final quality of plastic pellets. Consequently, using plastic squeeze dryer further improves and refines extruding production efficiency. 
The recycled pellets can be used to produce agricultural film, chemical fertilizer bag, garbage bag, recycled pipes, plastic barrel and pot for agricultural purpose.

Based on expertise technique. Our designs and manufacture of the extrusion-pelletizing line are totally subject to the need of customer and operator. 
It especially features in low power consumption, high capacity and easy-operation, and allows customers to produce high quality recycled pellets.


CAPACITY90 ~ 150 kgs / hr180 ~ 300 kgs / hr250 ~ 500 kgs / hr350 ~ 600 kgs / hr
EXTRUDER SCREWØ 75 mmØ 90 mmØ 105 mmØ 120 mm
*Capacity will be changed due to input material's feature and contaminants.
*Detailed specification based on inquiry and discussion.

*Available for: PP, PE, PA, PC, PS, EPS, ABS.

*Suitable for: Blown film, woven bags, bottles, sheet, lumps, powder, etc.
*Especially for fluffy material.

Photo of Equipment:




Finished Products:


Patented force feeding system :

  1. Back side feeding design, capacity 20 % more than old design. The feeding chamber is with powerful plate to pre-compound and force feed the material into extruder very quickly and smoothly.

  2. Auto reverse design.

  3. Automatically quantity control.

  4. Cast steel construction. With water circulating  and cooling design.

Control box :

  1. Power saving design. With inverter, energy saving 40 %.

  2. With air condition cooling system.

  3. Standard electric distribution. PLC is optional.

  4. Main control panel separately.

Main extruder :

  1. Single screw design.

  2. Gear box :High-rigid surface type. High torque. Low noise. Steady working. Long life.

  3. Barrel:Single type with vent.

  4. Special designed for plastic waste recycling. The inside air and moisture of material can be removed to get impact pellet.

Temperature control system :

  1. Ceramic, cast aluminum  and stainless steel heater composed with each other.

  2. Temperature difference within 3 %.




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